Saturday, February 15, 2014

You Can Make Cheese

Other than the chicken wing clips, this how-to-make-cheese video is the most-watched and commented-on recipe ever published on the blog. It was the first Food Wishes video to be featured on YouTubes home page, and has been watched by over a million people.

I receive several emails a week about this recipe, and most go something like, "Another successful cheese-maker here! Awesome recipe, very easy for a beginner cook like me." Of course, in the spirit of full disclosure I do get the occasional, "Thanks genius, your crap recipe just cost me a gallon of good milk. Didn’t work at all. You fail." I have two words for that person, "operator error."

Just in case you missed, or forgotten about it, Im happy to re-present "You Dont Have to Be a Cheese Whiz to Make Your Own Fromage Blanc." Click here to watch the video, and also check out the 99 existing comments, which have some great tips and success stories. Enjoy!

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