Monday, February 17, 2014


Dear Friends 
Please continue to bear with me and dont delete my name from your followers list. Here the internet is too poor and I can hardly open the blog page, it just hangs out , can you imagine the speed is not even 5 kbps ...and rarely 10 and signal loss, very 2 minutes!!!!
I will be here for some more time, just picked up a short assignment to earn bit of pocket money. Place is 1600 Km away from the capital, Algiers. I stay in a camp in a   10X10 portable cabin and have an attached toilet, luckily. Of course it has a small fridge minus beer, TV etc. ( I wished I had a kitchen too.) There are about 100 Chinese people and Algerians too. I work for the Chinese Oil giant. I am the only Indian.  I am enjoying authentic Chinese food and also Algerian food. Both the Chefs  have promised me to teach dishes..It will be interesting .They dont understand English and I dont understand Arabic, French or Chinese. It will be great fun learning dishes approximately. 
There is nothing to see here. Foreigners are not allowed to move out without police escort. As such it is quite safe, I mean better than Delhi or Noida. Moreover there is nothing much to see ...sand and more sand dunes and stones , rubble every where. 
It is getting cold and will go sub zero in the night in Dec Jan.... (I wont be here during Sahara summer) 
Hope to catch up when I am back home in January and whenever I get connection, I shall read your postings for sure.
Have a nice weekend , best wishes from InAmenas, 
My Cabin Prison Cell No 13A

part of the row cabins 

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