Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cheater Cheater East Coast Subs and Fries Eater

Carry-out night!  I actually tried to get a reservation to go to the newly opened Alfresco Dining at The Carriage House where I have been dreaming about the crispy crust of their authentic pizza from the outdoor wood fired oven for weeks. However, whomever answered the phone when I called Friday afternoon did not have "the book", couldnt give me the available reservation times and wanted to call me back, etc., etc., etc.  Way too much trouble!  So instead I spent the afternoon shopping and when I returned home, many hours later, my poor tired self just wanted to kick back, take a night off from kitchen duty, have a glass (or two..or three) of wine, indulge in some junkie type food and emerse myself in a chick flick (Nights of Rodanthe which, btw, I really loved but figured out half way through).  Although admittedly a quite pathetic way to spend a Friday night, it was marvelous nonetheless! 

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