Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheesesteak Sub

A cheesesteak to rival the best restaurant sandwich is but moments away and easy enough to do right in your own kitchen.  A couple of nights ago I also prepared a New York strip steak which I savored along with the Balsamic Roasted Potato Spinach Salad I wrote about.  I wrapped and refrigerated the remaining steak for the next night in anticipation of this submarine masterpiece.  After removing the steak from the fridge it was easy to slice in thin slices along with some sweet onion and a sharp cheddar cheese.  In a hot saute pan, I cooked the onion in a little butter for just a moment until they softened and just started to caramelize.  Then into the pan with the sliced steak just to warm it a bit.  After loading it all onto a french baguette I placed it in a hot oven, open faced, until the cheese melted.  I added a little mayo and a slather of horseradish and cheesesteak perfection was achieved.   

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