Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bubble Squeak

Last night supper was definitely a mish mash of left overs. We had some turkey and ham pie left over from New Years Eve, some onion bahjis from lunch on NYE. I also had some mashed potoato and mashed turnip (swede) left over from the haggis meal we had on New Years Day so I decided to make it into Bubble & Squeak with the half cabbage I had lurking in the fridge.
It is usually made with left over cabbage, but I made this fresh and then mixed it into the potato/turnip mix. Some butter in the pan on a medium heat and then just bung it all in and press it down. The tricky bit is turning it using a plate, I think it would be wise to lightly oil the plate before inverting the b&s onto it as it does tend to stick. However even if you have to lever it back into the pan like I did, you just squish it down again, it can take quite a lot of abuse!

If you have one of those pans that go in the oven you could do it that way too. Im getting to the end of the left overs now and have a Carbonnade of Beef in the oven. I can smell the beer as it cooks slowly - mmmmm!

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