Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gluten Free Maple Meatloaf

Gluten free maple meatloaf
My gluten-free maple meatloaf is homespun comfort food.

I have some good news. I mean, besides this delicious gluten-free meatloaf recipe. After eight long weeks of no funny business, yours in gluten-and-casein-free bliss is humming to the Stereo MC's and shuffling around our one room casita with a walker. Yup. I was officially sprung from wheelchair status today! Progress with a long o.

High-fiiiive me.

I'm one happy crone tonight. So I'm keeping this short and sweet. Here it is. It snowed today. There's a crackling fire in the kiva. A glass of wine awaits- not to mention- one of our favorite comfort food suppers. A slice of my favorite meatloaf and a generous scoop of warm Champagne Vinegar Potato Salad.

Life is good.

Have a safe and tasty weekend!

And be good to your bones.

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