Monday, March 17, 2014

Sorry about the silence

Life is a roller coaster have the peaks of bliss and happiness and then the troughs where you feel like all the hopes & dreams have crashed like waves on rocks, reduced to nothingness.

The last one odd month has been one such trough for us, which has taken every fiber of mental strength to stay in one piece and not get shattered by the shock rendered by destiny. It felt very futile to cook, eat and write about it, hence the silence here.

Being a public space, I cannot share with you what exactly went wrong, but I can only say this, that with prayers, love, good wishes from relatives, friends and loved ones, we are slowly recovering, which means we are beginning to cook and eat again - which also means I will not starve my beloved readers anymore.
Thank you for your patience and continued support, I will resume blogging very soon (in a day or so) - besides I am even toying with the idea of starting a personal blog dedicated to positivity, gratitude and well being. You will be surely updated on that when it happens.

Meanwhile, you can read about dear husbands food experience in a recent visit to New York city here. [Im doing this even at the risk of losing out readers to his definitely-more-gripping writing style! Hahaa] Based on what hes told me, those of you in and around NYC must try out this Asian-Cuban fusion food at Asia de Cuba. He also got me some amazing gifts, any food blogger / food enthusiast will love to get their hands on, which I shall share with you in my subsequent posts :)

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