Friday, March 28, 2014

A taste of Sweden with this Swedish Meatball recipe

Sweden is a large region and Swedish cuisine is a great ethnic foods. Best Swedish food meat, fish - and potato-based, but diverse and generally tasty and filling is excellent, largely.

In the last few decades immigrants from around the world have enriched Swedish cuisine culture with a variety of exciting dishes.

Typically include classic Swedish cook fish and seafood, herring in particular; open sandwiches; face and Swedish meatballs, a favorite smorgasbord: Swedish Meatballs (Köttbullar).

Swedish desserts can Cranberry - a high bush cranberry, and used a lot in Swedish Cook.

If you equate Swedish cuisine with Smörgåsbord, meatballs and dill, think again! although this great joys, enjoy a variety of delicious, freshly cooked food in Sweden.

A quarter of the Swedish, are my family originating from Gothenburg. this genuine Swedish recipe-s from our family over the years have been collected and are now shared with you as a celebration of Swedish traditions and food is.

Farmors Köttbullar

1 Pound ground beef

Finely chopped onion -

1 Cup soft bread crumbs or oat

1 Egg

Milk (about 1/2 Decilitre)

Soft oats or breadcrumbs in milk for 1/2 hour

Add mince and mix, smooth and well mixed together

Add onions - mix well

Finally add you egg, salt and pepper

Too little balls roles and roast in margarine for about 10 minutes

Served Kottbullar with fresh (Potatismos) mashed potatoes and a salad. enjoy!

Thanks to Ulla, shared this genuine Swedish recipe with our family.

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