Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Make Perfect Sushi Rice Raw Fish Sold Separately

This video recipe I just did for About, shows the easy-to-follow steps involved in making perfect sushi rice. By the way, "sushi" is NOT raw fish. Sushi actually refers to the seasoned rice thats used in sushi bars for various preparations. You cant make great sushi without great sushi rice. The texture must be sticky and tender, yet at the same time firm and separate. You must be able to mold into shape, but it has to collapse when you bite down.

The good news is if you follow these steps it will come out every time. Of course, what good is a bowl of sushi rice without knowing how to roll your own California rolls? Well, I will give you a few days to find a bamboo sushi mat, and some Nori (seaweed wrappers). Theyre pretty cheap, and if you cant buy them where you live, get them online (see below). In a few days Ill show you how to make your own sushi (relax, I will only use cooked fish). Then you can tell all your friends you roll like Chef John. Enjoy!
Click here for ingredients and transcript

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