Friday, January 17, 2014

Three End of Summer Suggestions

Summers coming to an end soon, and youre a little melancholy, but what better way to cheer up than by trying a few recipes that really shine this time of year?

You have precious few days of fresh peaches left, and this quick and easy tartlet recipe will give them the send off they deserve. A little Chinese Five Spice is the not-so-secret ingredient, and helps make these so delicious no one will even notice you used pre-made pie dough.

Okay, so you can get onions anytime of the year, but when I think cooler weather ahead, I think of root vegetables. By the way, if you were just thinking, hey, I should post a comment about onions being bulbs, not technically roots, dont. I hate when the facts get in the way of a posts theme. Anyway, this onion soup recipe always gets rave reviews, and is just perfect for a rainy fall day.

There are few tomato varieties as sweet as Sun Gold. These little orange cherry tomatoes are not only super-sweet, they are very plentiful this time of year. Ill admit, they are best eaten raw, but they also make a very nice fresh pasta sauce.


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