Friday, January 10, 2014

How to Host Out of Town Visitors

{Obligatory blogger shot at a farmers market} 

Normally, Tuesday posts are reserved for the often imitated, never duplicated (its probably true) TwoFaced recipe series, in which The Paleo Project and I take one shared ingredient and whip up our own paleo masterpiece. But not today. Instead, I bring you photographic evidence as to why there was no paleo cooking or baking this week (spoiler alert: it involves alcohol and non-paleo food). 

You see, continuing our blog BFF adventures, Jenna came down this weekend just to visit me for Blogger Blitz DC and stayed at the CupcakesOMG! abode. I dont know if it was the making her sleep on my couch part, force feeding her carbohydrates, or missing out on basically any and all D.C. sightseeing, but at some point this weekend, I realized I was a terrible hostess. Im hoping that some of our new inside jokes and a rare glimpse into life with Kyle made the visit totally worth it for her, otherwise,
{First stop of the trip--a house of chocolate!}
{Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate with a homemade marshmallow. I mean, have you even HAD
a homemade marshmallow? Its like the angels were sitting around one day and all "lets make
the most delicious treat of all time" and then the prettiest of the angels took the lightest of the
sweetest clouds and dropped it down to Earth in little bite-sized squares. The end.}

Following a busy day of eating, shopping, and the watching half of The Help on OnDemand, we decided we should venture out for more eating and a lot more drinking.
{Kyle joined up with us at dinner and picked up the tab. Hes a regular sugar daddy!}
{I do like to enjoy a beer through a straw sometimes, yes. This, however is plain ridiculous,
but for what its worth, I was trying to play them like a harmonica. I dont even know
HOW to play the harmonica, btw.}

Jennas second/last day in D.C. included brunch at Liberty Tavern, which happens to have one of the best brunch buffets in all the land. It also makes for great posing opportunities.
{Thank god were eating again!!!}
{The one "monument" of sorts I let Jenna see--the fountain at Dupont Circle}

Whens the last time you hosted a visitor? Do you cook for guests or do you go out?? Am I a bad hostess for not taking visitors to see the sights???

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