Saturday, January 25, 2014


Summer’s already start here, Thailand is bound to be very hot at this time but this year its still raining.
Over the next few posts I intend to highlight many of my favorite summer special drinks, starting with the always in demand – lemonade. Lemonade is popular around the world for many reasons.
Daily consumption of four ounces of lemon juice per day, when mixed with two liters of water, has been shown to reduce the rate of stone formation in people susceptible to kidney stones. Lemons contain the highest concentration of citrate of any fruit, and this weak acid has been shown to inhibit stone formation. Both mint and ginger are known to sooth the digestive track and promote digestion. They are used as natural remedies to combat nausea, indigestion, heart burn and a whole host of other discomforts.My mother makes this recipe on every summer and it is traditional Indian lemonade. You’ll find that the mint and ginger flavors makes this drink really refreshing.
Lemonade: serve 2
1.      1 1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
2.      3 tablespoon sugar powder
3.      1 tablespoon fresh mint leaves juice
4.      2 teaspoon fresh ginger juice
5.      1/2 teaspoon salt
6.      1/4 teaspoon black salt
7.      1 teaspoon roasted cumin seeds powder
8.      2 and 1/2 cups water
9.      3 to 4 ice cubes

1.      In a large pitcher add lemon juice, mint juice, ginger juice, salt, and sugar.
2.      Stir well lemonade and serve over cumin powder and ice.
3.      Garnish with lemon slice and mint leaves.
For the mint and ginger juice:
Take 10 to 20 Mint leaves with 1 tbsp water and blend it well with a blender. make a pulp then squeeze the water and use.
Take big piece of ginger add little water, bland and squeeze the water.
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