Saturday, April 19, 2014

Last Night We Had a Little Lamb

Once in a while, even though I know it would make a great video, I just cant bring myself to film a meal. Making a video can turn the most enjoyable recipe into a tiring tangle of timers, wires, and angles. Im forced to use a part of the brain thats in charge of "getting the shot," and artistic expression be damned.

Last night was one of those meals. It was truly delicious, and while I didnt film it, guilt forced me to at least photo it, in hopes of inspiring you next time youre trying to decide what to throw on the grill.

Lamb loins were marinated in garlic, fennel seed, and rosemary. A few hours later, they were grilled over charcoal, to a perfectly rosy medium-rare. Finger-sized carrots were roasted tender in a slow oven with a few drips of olive oil, salt, pepper, and a pinch of brown sugar. Split pita bread was filled with fresh mozzarella, and a squeeze of harissa (a spicy North African tomato/chili sauce). These "hot pockets" were grilled over the coals, while the lamb was resting. The slightly crisp, and smoky exterior was a perfect envelope for the warm, gooey cheese. The cold sauce was a simple plain Greek yogurt, spiked with more harissa, lemon, and fresh mint. Enjoy!

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